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Sidewalk Shed.

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Sidewalk Shed

Sidewalk Shed Definition

A sidewalk shed is a structure constructed to protect pedestrians from objects falling. Owners may have to erect a sidewalk shed before beginning the renovation or construction of a new building or demolition of an existing structure.

A sidewalk shed must be erected whenever materials will be hoisted over the sidewalk regardless of building height

the necessity to erect such a sidewalk shed is dependent upon the height of the building being repaired



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In New York City, a sidewalk shed is required when construction work is over 40 feet high or 25 feet high for demolition work, and whenever there is a dangerous condition irrespective of height. A sidewalk shed must be erected whenever materials will be hoisted over the sidewalk regardless of building height or horizontal distance between building and sidewalk.

Sidewalk Shed Permits and Regulations

a permit is required prior to erecting a sidewalk bridge or supported scaffold over 40 feet in height. If a scaffold is on top of a sidewalk bridge, the height of the scaffold must include the height of the shed and be taken from the top of the sidewalk. If the supported scaffold is located on a setback or roof of a building, and if the outer leg of the scaffold is located a distance less than half the height of the scaffold (from the top of roof or floor slab), the height of the scaffold for permitting purposes shall include the height of the building below

prior to erecting a sidewalk bridge an owner must obtain a permit from DOB. The applicant for a sidewalk shed permit must state the reason such sidewalk shed is needed. These permits are good for one year. Sidewalk sheds must be dismantled within thirty days of permit expiration. Should a renewal of the shed permit be required, other than a new building under construction, an architect or engineer must conduct a thorough examination and report to the commissioner on the work that has been performed and an estimate of the time needed to complete the work. Additionally, in New York City, Local Law No. 33 also mandated that the permit holder post a twenty-five square foot sign on the sidewalk shed with the permit holders’ name, address, telephone number and permit number and expiration date. Adequate lighting must be maintained under the shed. The Construction Division within each borough office of the Department of Buildings (DOB) has jurisdiction over sidewalk sheds.

The Department of Buildings (DOB) inspects construction sites when they receive a complaint. DOB also has a program to inspect major construction sites on a weekly basis for compliance with public safety regulations. Major construction sites are buildings that are more than 15 stories, over 200 feet in height or more 100,000 square feet in area, or any other buildings designated by DOB. The Department of Buildings Enforcement Safety Team (BEST Squad) checks for more than 85 onsite safety features such as safety netting, placement of cranes and protection of adjacent property. Inspectors are empowered to issue violations, summonses and stop work orders for conditions contrary to the Building Code or Zoning Resolution.

NYC Building Code Design Requirements for Temporary Equipment & Constructions:

Rule-27-1011b: Temporary equipment and constructions shall be designed so that the allowable stress values prescribed in subchapter 10 are not exceeded.

Rule-27-594: Provides load combinations which include dead, live, wind, and snow.





Rule-27-591: Minimum factor of safety for overturning and sliding is one to five



Rule-27-1042-All scaffold members shall be designed to be capable of withstanding, without collapse, 4 times the maximum loads.

Rule-27-1042b: Standard Scaffold Designations and Design Live Loads



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