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Scaffold:is a stationary scaffold that is constructed with pipes and erected from the ground up.

Although there are numerous types of scaffolds in use in cities, there are two types of scaffolds that are more common or visible on the streets. One is often referred to as a pipe scaffold and the other a hanging or suspension scaffold. A pipe along the side of a building. In New York City, The Construction Division within each borough office of the Department of Buildings (DOB) has jurisdiction over pipe scaffolds (stationary). A hanging or suspension scaffold is supported from the roof or setback of a building and held by either cables or rope. A master rigger or special rigger must be contracted for the work, and each worker using or operating the scaffold must be employed by the rigger.

Scaffold Hoisting

The Cranes and Derricks Division within DOB has jurisdiction over suspension scaffolds. Definitions of scaffold (1) Adjustable suspension scaffold means a suspension scaffold equipped with a hoist(s) that can be operated by an employee(s) on the scaffold. Bearer (putlog) means a horizontal transverse scaffold member (which may be supported by ledgers or runners) upon which the scaffold platform rests and which joins scaffold uprights, posts, poles, and similar members. Boatswains' chair means a single-point adjustable suspension scaffold consisting of a seat or sling designed to support one employee in a sitting position. Body belt (safety belt) means a strap with means both for securing it about the waist and for attaching it to a lanyard, lifeline, or deceleration device. Body harness means a design of straps which may be secured about the employee in a manner to distribute the fall arrest forces over at least the thighs, pelvis, waist, chest and shoulders, with means for attaching it to other components of a personal fall arrest system. Brace means a rigid connection that holds one scaffold member in a fixed position with respect to another member, or to a building or structure. Bricklayer square scaffold means a supported scaffold composed of framed squares which support a platform. Carpenters' bracket scaffold means a supported scaffold consisting of a platform supported by brackets attached to building or structural walls.

Construction Hoist

Centenary scaffold means a suspension scaffold consisting of a platform supported by two essentially horizontal and parallel ropes attached to structural members of a building or other structure. Additional support may be provided by vertical pickups. Chimney hoist means a multi-point adjustable suspension scaffold used to provide access to work inside chimneys. (See Multi-point adjustable suspension scaffold.) Cleat means a structural block used at the end of a platform to prevent the platform from slipping off its supports. Cleats are also used to provide footing on sloped surfaces such as crawling boards. Competent person means one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them. Continuous run scaffold (Run scaffold) means a two-point or multi-point adjustable suspension scaffold constructed using a series of interconnected braced scaffold members or supporting structures erected to form a continuous scaffold. Coupler means a device for locking together the tubes of a tube and coupler scaffold. Crawling board (chicken ladder) means a supported scaffold consisting of a plank with cleats spaced and secured to provide footing, for use on sloped surfaces such as roofs. Deceleration device means any mechanism, such as a rope grab, rip-stitch lanyard, speciallywoven lanyard, tearing or deforming lanyard, or automatic self-retracting lifeline lanyard, which dissipates a substantial amount of energy during a fall arrest or limits the energy imposed on an employee during fall arrest. Double pole (independent pole) scaffold means a supported scaffold consisting of a platform(s) resting on cross beams (bearers) supported by ledgers and a double row of uprights independent of support (except ties, guys, braces) from any structure. Equivalent means alternative designs, materials or methods to protect against a hazard which the employer can demonstrate will provide an equal or greater degree of safety for employees than the methods, materials or designs specified in the standard. Eye or Eye Splice means a loop with or without a thimble at the end of a wire rope. Exposed power lines means electrical power lines which are accessible to employees and which are not shielded from contact. Such lines do not include extension cords or power tool cords. Fabricated decking and planking means manufactured platforms made of wood (including laminated wood, and solid sawn wood planks), metal or other materials. Fabricated frame scaffold (tubular welded frame scaffold) means a scaffold consisting of a platform(s) supported on fabricated end frames with integral posts, horizontal bearers, and intermediate members. Failure means load refusal, breakage, or separation of component parts. Load refusal is the point where the ultimate strength is exceeded. Float (ship) scaffold means a suspension scaffold consisting of a braced platform resting on two parallel bearers and hung from overhead supports by ropes of fixed length. Form scaffold means a supported scaffold consisting of a platform supported by brackets attached to formwork. Guardrail system means a vertical barrier, consisting of, but not limited to, top-rails, mid-rails, and posts, erected to prevent employees from falling off a scaffold platform or walkway to lower levels. Hoist means a manual or power-operated mechanical device to raise or lower a suspended scaffold. Horse scaffold means a supported scaffold consisting of a platform supported by construction horses (saw horses). Horse scaffolds constructed of metal are sometimes known as trestle scaffolds. Independent pole scaffold (see Double pole scaffold). Interior hung scaffold means a suspension scaffold consisting of a platform suspended from the ceiling or roof structure by fixed length supports. Ladder jack scaffold means a supported scaffold consisting of a platform resting on brackets attached to ladders. Ladder stand means a mobile, fixed-size, self supporting ladder consisting of a wide flat tread ladder in the form of stairs. Landing means a platform at the end of a flight of stairs.

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